Starseed Artists (EST. 2018) is all about the progression, and the embodiment of  the future of art, and the presenters (artists) whom channel this message. To be able to present, and hone the energy of the past and the future is a privilege, and an responsibility beyond our dimension, and so we are not only an agency for artist bookings, branding, and management, but we are an artist development hub for total resource in regards to an artists' total development in being a human being.

Here at Starseed we are a culture hub for any, and everybody from around the world to come and draw from our resource of art. Be it, via our Vintage Culture Shop, or by way of presenting one of our artists at your venue, we will always seek the path to what inspires you, and to what keeps you interested in in what it is that we have to offer you. We see you, and consequently we desire for you to see us.

We are selective in our process in regards to the types of people, and artists that we take work with as clients, but rest assured we have total, and complete equal opportunity. We believe that the true power of draw comes not from numbers, but from the quality of our rosters output, and trust, we have the best of the best.

As we continue to build the template for what the business shall exist as in the 21st century, we will continue to present great artists, and the platforms therein that will propel all artist to the next stage on the chess board of the balance between art meeting business, and branding.

See you soon, and watch out for our artists as they will be in your neck of the universe soon.


Starseed Artists Team